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CHIC 2015 – Presentations @ 2nd milestone

May 1

The 2nd milestone of CHIC was held on labour day! The 3 teams presented their progress in front of their colleagues and experts from the different schools involved in the project (EPFL, UNIL and ecal). You can find out what the teams have achieved in 10 weeks of intensive work by clicking on the logos below. All teams had demos (e.g., fimi).

VestaTextLogo Capture d’écran 2015-03-13 à 11.16.31 logo fimi

You can also find the PCB files for each team on GitHub:

Congratulations to all teams!


Baby experts

A nice side effect of the CHIC is that all of our group members will be great fathers/mothers after studying 24/7 what an innovative baby bottle is all about! 😉